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About our company


Welcome to, this is where you’ll find not only the high quality Diamond Engagement Rings and Fine Jewelry along with outstanding customer service and professional guidance. Quality, Value and Expert Advice are the cornerstones of our business. This has made us one of the most successful retail jewelry stores in the metro N.Y, N.J. area, and we invite you to have a pleasant shopping experience and join our family of satisfied customers. Our goal is to become the largest Online Jewelry Store, With over Ten thousand jewelry items coming and growing online, also between 60,000 to 120,000 Loose diamonds at your finger tips, we strive to exhibit not only the must-have staples of the jewelry trade, but the Unique, the Fashionable, the Hard to Find, and the Breathtaking items you will only find at a high end Jewelry Stores. Since 1990, Romancing the Stoneshas built relationships with tens of thousands of retail customers and fulfilled their jewelry shopping needs, and that has made us one of the highest rated jewelers in terms of customer satisfaction and quality of merchandise. This is evident in our jewelry selection, our high credentials from our customer testimonials, and our Unbeatable pricing, along with our unconditional 30 day return policy. Our company Founding Fathers have over sixty years of experience in the jewelry industry and we are located in the heart of Woodbridge, New Jersey and have manufacturing sites in New York City’s diamond district and around the world. With our years of experience and excellent reputation amongst jewelry manufacturers and Diamonds site holders, we are able to bring you the BEST selection in Loose diamonds that are available from around the GLOBE and the newest in jewelry designs. More questions about us, simply contact us and you’ll see the difference in which we are. –

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