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Wedding Rings: Sizes, Types And Other Facts To Consider


What Width Size Should I Get For My Wedding Band?

Wedding band widths are measured in millimeters. For ladies the most popular widths range between two and four millimeters. For gentlemen's wedding bands, the most popular widths range between six and eight millimeters. Keep in mind that the width of the wedding band is really based upon preference and style, and what you wish to wear. Thin and elegant or hefty and strong…both answers are right, as long as the ring is made properly and suits your taste.

How Is A Wedding Band’s Width Measured?

A wedding band’s width is measured in millimeters. We see wedding bands range in millimeter size from two millimeters, to as wide as 10 or 12 millimeters, depending on the choice of style you prefer.

How Can Temperature Affect The Way My Wedding Band Fits?

Temperature can affect the way that your wedding band fits. In warmer temperatures your fingers may swell, so the ring may feel a little tighter, a little snugger. In cooler temperatures your finger tends to contract a little bit, and so the ring may feel a little looser and not as snug. Keep climate in mind when you’re sizing your ring.

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So it’s time to pick a wedding band to have with you for life. Unlike musical taste which frequently shifts, you’ll want this band to fit your taste and style forever. The following describe the cross-section or profile of the band and vary in shape, style and comfort.

Comfort Fit Wedding Ring Bands

What Is A 'Comfort Fit' Wedding Ring?

A 'comfort fit' ring is a ring that has a rounded interior and an oval cross-section. The benefit of having a 'comfort fit' ring is that with a rounded interior less metal touches the finger and creates a comfortable feel.

Flat Band Wedding Rings

What Is A 'Flat Band' Wedding Ring?

A 'flat band' is a wedding band that is flat on top; it actually has no oval shape. Think of a pipe, for example. Some of the 'flat band' ring designs are called pipe rings, for that purpose, and for that reason.

Half-Round Wedding Ring Bands

What Is A 'Half-Round' Wedding Ring?

The 'half-round' wedding ring is one of the more classic and traditional styles. This is a wedding ring that has rounded top section. The under section of the ring can either be flat or a comfort fit.


Diamond Wedding Rings

Diamond Wedding Rings, available in both women’s and men’s styles, feature prong set or channel set diamonds. Diamond eternity rings, sometimes referred to as an anniversary ring or band, feature diamonds encircling the entire ring.


Fancy Wedding Rings

Rings that feature unique design elements, engraving, hammered details or even crosses or Celtic symbols fall into the Fancy Wedding Ring category. A diamond or other gemstone may be used to accent details in a fancy wedding ring.


Plain Wedding Rings

Simple elegance is the best way to describe a plain wedding ring. A band of platinum or yellow gold is a classic symbol for the bride and groom, but white gold and other alternative metals also are popular options. Many brides who opt for a diamond engagement ring and diamond wedding band will also have a plain platinum or gold ring for the ceremony, and to wear when a diamond ring is considered flashy, such as at work or when camping or hiking.


Ring Wraps And Guards

A ring wrap or guard complements a diamond engagement ring, and can be used to enhance a simple solitaire. Pave diamonds, sapphires or other color gemstones set in platinum, yellow gold or white gold in effect frame the diamond solitaire that sits in the middle of the wrap or guard, creating a spectacular and unique ring.


Color Gemstone Rings

While diamonds are a girl’s best friend, some girls also like the look of color gemstones in the wedding ring. Sapphires in a variety of colors or birthstones such as amethysts and rubies can represent birthdates for the bride and groom, and eternity bands with both diamonds and color gemstones offer a way to celebrate the birth of a baby or an anniversary. Color gemstone rings, when set in thin bands of platinum or gold, can be stacked and worn with or without a diamond engagement ring on the left hand.


Other Facts To Consider

Can I Match My Wedding Band To My Fiance's Band?

Many couples ask the question whether they can match their wedding band to the fiancé's wedding band, and the answer to that question is absolutely yes. Many designers offer matching wedding bands for the bride and groom, or you could simply select two plain bands of the same metal. If there is not a matching band available for your engagement ring style you can always have a matching ring made.

What Are The Most Important Considerations When Choosing A Wedding Band?

When choosing your wedding band, the most important considerations are comfort and “matchability” or how well it matches the engagement ring. Also, when choosing your wedding band it is very important to go to a jeweler that you trust, that has many options, and that can display those options in a way that you can make good comparisons. In the end, the most important thing is to choose the one that makes you really happy, fits perfectly and looks great on your hand.