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Rings Education: Ring Styles

Do you know your engagement ring style? If not, don't panic. But we will tell you that this might involve a little soul-searching. The descriptions below will help determine if you're more Vintage, Modern or Classic.


Vintage Ring Styles

Engagement Ring Details:
Milgrain, engraved or embossed designs, filigree, pave, micro pave, diamond bezels (haloes), feminine floral designs, sensual curving lines, sentimental touches, strong use of embellishment.

Personality Characteristics:
Dreamy, sentimental, poetic, feminine, the wearer would love a wedding in a romantic setting like a castle or a garden full of flowers. The wearer might prefer old movies, romance novels, antique shopping, and collecting beautiful objects.

Comparative Clothing Styles:
Formally known as "Romantic" styling, laces, ruffles, velvet, soft flowing fabrics like chiffon, antique or delicate floral patterns, heart designs, ribbons, bows, frilly, feminine styling. Shop vintage shops, designers: Nanette Lepore, Forever 21, Jessica McClintock, Claire Pettibone.

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Classic Ring Styles

Engagement Ring Details:
Channel set, three stone style, prong set, and the solitaire style with a thin shank, a knife edge, or a wider band of metal that leads up to the center diamond.

Personality Characteristics:
Traditional, sophisticated, understated, polished, never worries about trends as the wearer knows what works best for her. She loves family gatherings, a quiet evening with friends, attending the symphony, visits to museums. The wearer’s dream wedding would be at a country club, a large estate, or her family's home.

Comparative Clothing Styles:
A tailored suit, "little black dress" with a single strand of pearls, button down collars, white cotton blouse, classic blazer, skirt, trench coat, flannel, tweeds, glen plaid, traditional, timeless clothing styles that seem to always be stylish/never out of place. Shops at stores like Nordstrom - career section, J. Crew, Gap, Brooks Brothers.

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Modern Ring Styles

Engagement Ring Details:
Channel set diamonds, open shanks/metal settings, bold mountings. Geometric, architectural lines, wide, bold, merging different styles into a creative new approach, abstract, streamlined, unique textures and gemstone shapes and colors.

Personality Characteristics:
Bold, adventurous, trendy, minimalist, unconventional, experimental. The wearer loves the hip and trendy spots. Her ideal wedding would be in an art gallery, museum or somewhere totally unexpected.

Comparative Clothing Styles:
Unique textures, angular to geometric, edgy/experimental styling, bold patterns and colors. Shops at stores like Jil Sander, H&M, Fred Segal, Top Shop, Bloomingdales and Neiman Marcus.

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